BA Digital Design Final Year Blogs 08

5 06 2008

A great example of how digital media can be integral to high quality animation, illustration, book design product and graphic design etc is in amongst the work of the University of Brightons BA (hons) Digital Design final year blogs. You will also find top quality examples of server based multimedia such as web sites, CD_Rom, games etc


New Perspective

5 06 2008

The new banner image above is from a photograph of the space shuttle and international space station in front of our sun. Big innit. Small arent we ?

BA Digital Design: Professional Practice

17 04 2008

Some of the links below may expand your horizons. They are from my own favourites list so may not be entirely appropriate but nontheless……..BTW I dont beleive it is neccessary to define oneself as either/or an artist or designer, that is a definition appropriate to the work ie specific processes and the end results rather than the practitioner.

As usual, the author of this blog takes no responsibility whatsoever for any actions of any party as a result of the information below 😉 More to follow



 Eye Candy


CFP- Rethinking The Digital Divide

29 02 2008

ALT-C 2008: Rethinking the digital divide
9-11 September 2008, Leeds, UK